The older one gets, the more the skin suffers from the vagaries of time. Age spots, wrinkles, dark circles, cellulite … no one gets away with these skin imperfections and natural ageing signs.

Whether on the face or body, the skin ends up with wrinkles, wilt and sagging! Sagging skin is an irreversible phenomenon, but can also occur at any age for the following reasons.

There are three types of skin slackening:

  • Yo-yo diet or pregnancy: the elastic fibers stretch with weight gain. Losing weight rapidly can also cause this, although the sagging skin will rapidly regain its firmness.
  • Excessive weight loss after a long period of obesity: After extreme weight loss, many patients develop an “apron” of skin around the abdomen, and loose skin under the arms, chest and inner thighs,

This kind of sagging skin can be treated by surgery or radio frequency.

Releasing due to aging: elastin fibers, responsible for the resilience of the skin and its firmness, are decreasing as we grow old. It is the same with the production of collagen, also an essential factor for the skin quality.

Sagging skin due to ageing appears around 40 and can be exacerbated by certain factors:

  • Menopause: Because of its effects on hormones, menopause dries the skin and increases its loosening.
  • Tobacco: very harmful for the skin’s quality and its color.
  • The sun: excessive tanning dries the skin and kills the proteins as well as acids that maintain youth.
  • Age:  the face becomes wrinkled, loses its volumes (cheekbones, temples …) and sags. Because of the loosening of the skin, the face loses its initial youth.

Areas affected by sagging skin

  • The oval face / jowls
  • The neck
  • The tail of the eyebrows
  • Cheekbones
  • The upper eyelids
  • Arms
  • Breasts
  • Lower abdomen
  • The inner thighs
  • Buttocks

At LAZEO we offer various types of treatments that will remedy to sagging skin whether it is simply due to age, or weight gain/loss.


Intraceuticals treatment



Plumping, hydrating, promotes more youthful complexion

50minutes           £135.00

Course of 6         £810.00 ( includes £200.00 worth of free products)



For blemish prone skin, soothes redness

50 minutes            £135.00

Course of 6           £810.00 ( includes £200.00 worth of free products)


Mesotherapy by Surface

single £120.00

Course of 8 treatments:  £600.00



Single session is £250.00 and course of 8 £1500.00.