Maximise the effects of Coolsculpting® through our unique and tailored protocol 


LazeoSculpt is a tailored guide that will help you achieve the body you’ve dreamed of. To give you an outstanding Coolsculpting experience, we provide a nutritional and well-being guide that includes essential dietary guidelines and weekly exercises.


What does LazeoSculpt involve ?

LazeoSculpt is divided into three parts :

Cooling: which encompasses Cryolipolysis treatment. It is the process of destroying fat cells using cold. At LAZEO, we use Coolsculpting® by Zeltiq, which is the only FDA approved machine. This treatment is a real alternative to liposuction without its drawbacks. No anesthesia or downtime : you can go back to your daily life right after a Coolculpting® session.


Eating: a list of simple dietary suggestions that will get you back on a healthy diet. These are not restrictive as we do think that restrictive diets lead to frustation. They’re just smart rules that will help you understand how your body assimilates different kinds of food.


Well Being: this section includes a list of simple exercices that will help stay in shape. Even if Coolsculpting® itself will make your fat fade away, sports is never a bad idea. We have teamed with great coaches and selected the best exercices for you to do at home. No cheating, your outfits will tell ! 


Our medical team will be happy to take you through LazeoSculpt during your free consultation at LAZEO.