Dermal Fillers

Hyaluronic acid injections

Dermal Fillers at LAZEO are carried out by Dr Daniel Sister.

As we age, the amount of hyaluronic acid in our skin, which is responsible for keeping it hydrated, decreases. The skin dries out, loosens and wrinkles appear. Today, filling products based on hyaluronic acid are an effective choice to treat the aging of facial skin. They are 100% absorbable and well-tolerated by the body.

What takes place during the session?

The injections are made with a latest-generation round-tip needle (cannula) to improve the comfort of the patient and reduce bruising. For mesotherapy, we use a very fine needle. An anaesthetic cream may be applied 10 minutes before the session. In addition, the products used contain an anaesthetic to make you feel more comfortable. In half an hour, your wrinkles will be filled in, your lips plumped, and your face volume restored. Redness may appear but is easily masked by foundation. It is advisable to avoid taking aspirin or anti-inflammatories in the days prior to the session to avoid the bruising.

Filling in wrinkles

Injected under the wrinkle or line, the hyaluronic acid swells like a sponge, it removes the line and break in the skin. The injected area is rehydrated and collagen is stimulated. It provides instant results and provides a healthy-looking complexion in absolute safely. It is necessary to repeat the treatment every 9 to 12 months.

The treated areas are:   Naso-labial folds, labial commissures, marionette lines, cheek wrinkles

Remodelling by volume

Over time, facial skin loses fat, appearing less plump and less smooth. As we age, the volume of the cheekbones tends to drop into the jowls, increasing the tired appearance of the face. Working on the volume to restore the youthful appearance of the face therefore makes perfect sense. We use a volumising hyaluronic acid  to correct skin ptosis, give volume to cheeks, and improve cheek atrophy. The results are natural and last an average of 18 months, depending on the patient and the area treated.

Dermal fillers can also be combined with Dracula therapy™

For more information about that visit:

The treated areas are: Tear troughs, cheeks, chin

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