Eyelash extensions will transform your daily make up routine! No more mascara, no more smudges or clumps and fuller-looking, defined lashes for several weeks. Extensions do not cause lash loss and can be worn for extended periods until your own lashes complete their natural cycle.  The in-fills can maintain your luscious lashes for up to 2-months. This technique requires very little maintenance and will change the way you look.

The lashes are medically tested and approved, and the bonding agent is U.S pharmaceutical grade. They are oil and water resistant, and look stunning. It’s hard to imagine how we ever lived without them!

Semi-Permanent Make-Up

Semi-permanent make-up (or aesthetic pigmentation) helps define the eyes, lips and eyebrows to enhance your natural beauty. At LAZEO, we only use natural and mineral dye for pigmentation applications.  This is not just healthier, it is more subtle and natural. Semi-permanent make-up enhances your features without losing your natural essence. For optimal results a final touch-up is required within 4–6 weeks of the first application.

Our make-up specialist, Rachna Patel, is available for a free consultation where she can assess your needs to create tailored make-up that you love.