Straight from India, eyebrow threading attracts more and more women.

How does it work?

Threading is a traditional method used by the women of India for centuries, but is also very common in Lebanon, Turkey, Iran, Israel and many Middle Eastern countries. In these countries the technique is passed down from mother to daughter. Today it has become majorly popular in the Western world and is considered to be the best technique for grooming brows.  Hair removal is done using a twisted cotton thread to trap hairs and pull them out from the root.

Who is it for?

Threading is suitable for all skin types but is particularly useful for sensitive skin since it does not involve any depilator product. No wax, cream or heat which means little risk of allergy or skin reaction. There may be a little redness after treatment but that quickly disappears.

The result:

In just 15 minutes emerge looking pampered and fresh, and your eyes will appear bigger.