You have tried everything? Strict diet, intensive sports and yet nothing works. We offer, at LAZEO, the latest solution to losing your unsightly bulges in just a few weeks. Miraculous? No, it is simply the best existing thinning technique: Coolsculpting®.

What is CoolSculpting®?

Developed by researchers at the famous Harvard University, the CoolSculpting fat reduction treatment that consists in destroying fat cells with cold. (The machine operates from -9 ° to -12 ° C). Within weeks, the fat cells are processed and the body naturally eliminates them. The destruction of fat cells operates a positive effect on your silhouette as it is significantly sculpted.

At LAZEO, our medical team makes every effort to ensure optimal treatment. We first receive you in a consultation to ensure that CoolSculpting® is the best protocol for you. If the LAZEO medical team concludes that you are a good candidate, a treatment plan will be offered. Then LAZEO ensures that your CoolSculpting® sessions are as pleasant as possible: watch TV during your treatment, listen to music … and leave happy.


We are pleased to provide faster treatments as we have two machines at Lazeo Clinic.  That means that your treatment is twice as fast! We are one of the very few clinics to posess two machines in London.

Also, we are one of the very few clinics in London to use the brand new applicators which are faster: 35 mins per zone instead of 1 hour. These applicators are also more efficient in destroying the fat.

Therefore, you can treat 2 zones in 35 minutes, 4 zones in 1h10 mins and so on… You can litteraly do your session on a lunch break.

Lazeo believes in fast but efficient treatments.

Usually, one session of Coolsculpting® is enough to obtain very good results. For optimal results, it is sometimes recommended to repeat the procedure on some patients whose fat is important.

coolsculpting_1MA few facts about Coolsculpting®:

  • More than four million people have used the Coolsculpting® worldwide
  • A  safe treatment with very few side effects
  • A  fast method with little pain
  • 90% of patients satisfied with the results
  • Lazeo Paris has been elected #1 center in France for Coolsculpting in 2015

What happens during a Coolsculpting® session?

Ka 2The action is very simple. The therapist will apply a cold pad on the treated area (the gelpad) in order to protect the skin, followed by the Coolsculpting® applicator.

For a few minutes, the patient might feel a slight discomfort due to the strong aspiration, but the area will quickly be thanks to cold. You may also feel tingles for about 10 minutes, but nothing severe.

The device’s temperature gradually falls to -10 degrees, causing the total destruction of the targeted fat cells.

Of course, the neighboring cells are not affected: the Coolsculpting® targets only fat.

second stepBe aware that the Coolsculpting® does not result in significant weight loss. However, your clothes will fit you better and imperfections will vanish.

Over the following weeks, the body will progressively eliminate the dead cells.

Concretely, what are the results?

Your clothes are fitting you well at first glance. You feel lighter, the beads have vanished and the skin is firmer. You just feel better about yourself. The huge advantage of this technique is that it is non-invasive: no anesthesia, or binding procedure. It is like a visit to your favorite spa except that the WOW effect is almost guaranteed. In addition, unless significant weight gain, the outcome is long lasting. The first real results appear from the 6th week after the session and are definitive from the 12th week.

The benefits:

  • This technology destroys fat cells without skin damage or side effects. No scalpel, no anesthesia. The CoolSculpting® avoids the use of liposuction, a surgical procedure.
  • It is a painless method that requires no anesthesia
  • No downtime: you can go back to work right after the session
  • The handpieces adapt to different body shapes
  • Non-invasive procedure which can be repeated as many times as necessary

Areas that can be treated:

  • The saddlebags (3 applications)
  • Arms ( 2 applications)
  • The inner thighs (2 applications)
  • The gluteal folds (2 applications)
  • The dorsal ribs, located under the bra for women (2 applications)
  • Love handles (2-4 applications)
  • The abdominal ribs, above or below the navel (1-4 applications)
  • Knees (2 applications)
  • Brand new: double chin area (1 to 3 applications) 

Now it is possible for Coolsculpting® to be used to sculpt sagging neck skin and to tone and lift stubborn fat around the chin area, resulting in a fresher, more youthful appearance in as little as one treatment.

A question ? An observation ?

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    Please be aware that the CoolSculpting® treatment is not an alternative to a healthy lifestyle and exercise, or to liposuction as it can not be used to remove large quantities of fat. However the results can be further enhanced with multiple CoolSculpting® sessions, and with regular exercise and a healthy diet. If you’re interested in learning more about how the treatment can help you to achieve your goals please schedule your initial consultation during which our medical team will evaluate whether Coolsculpting is a suitable treatment.

    Beware of copies!

    CoolSculpting® by Zeltiq is a unique technology approved by the very serious FDA (Food and Drug Administration) which is the highest US administration authorizing medicines and medical technology on US territory.
    Today, many companies in Asia and Europe are starting to imitate  the Cryolipolysis technique. However, these low cost machines can be dangerous. Indeed, if the cooling is not controlled properly, the machine can burn directly the skin. It has happened before. Therefore, we insist on the importance of FDA approval for Coolsculpting®.  Also, some other machines operate at a higher temperature which leads to an ineffective treatment. Therefore, we insist not to confuse Cryolipolysis, a generic word increasingly used, and CoolSculpting® founded by Zeltiq.


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    Do you have any questions ? In this section you will find all the answers to frequently asked questions. If you have a question we did not answer, please fill out our form in the Contact Section and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    How much does the Coolsculpting treatment costs?

    The cost of a CoolSculpting® treatment varies depending on the targeted area, the number of sessions required, and the goals you wish to achieve. At Lazeo, we work to establish a tailored protocol suited to your needs and budget.

    For general information based on areas to be treated, check out the Coolsculpting fares at the end of this page.

    What can I expect to feel during the treatment?

    During the session, a gel cap and a suction applicator is placed on the treatment area. The applicator sucks the skin in its cup and causes a progressive reduction of air. During the first few minutes, you may experience a pulling sensation and a slight pinch linked to the suction effect.

    Patients typically experience an intense cold-related parameter of "controlled cooling" of the machine. This discomfort only lasts 10 minutes and then recedes gradually.

    The majority of our patients spend most part of the session doing the following activities: reading, working remotely or even taking a nap. We kindly provide a television with Netflix to help you relax during the procedure. If you are spending multiple hours in the treatment room we arrange a custom-ordered healthy spa lunch.

    Where does the fat go?

    CoolSculpting® is a natural process. As soon as fat cells have been frozen by the cold, the body converts fat and eliminates it naturally through the lymphatic system. Once the fat cells are destroyed, they do not reappear. It is a permanent treatment.

    How does CoolSculpting® compare with liposuction?

    The CoolSculpting® mechanism achieves a satisfaction rate of over 90%. However, the effects are not as immediate as liposuction. A transformation of the body shape can be observed after 3 weeks in some patients cases, but the results are rarely visible before 2 to 3 months following the treatment. It is also important to note that CoolSculpting® is a non-invasive procedure with zero downtime, while liposuction is a surgical procedure with a longer recovery period (up to six-weeks).

    Should I expect any weight gain following the treatment?

    Many patients become more aware of their weight following their session CoolSculpting® procedure. It is extremely rare to observe a weight gain within the first months following a treatment. Though if lifestyle or diet changes occur, it is always possible for weight gain to occur separate of the procedure and will be evenly distributed over the entire body and not specifically on the treated area.