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Meet the Coolsculpting® expert !

Join us for a delicious Coolsculpting® breakfast at Lazeo Clinic Wednesday June, 29th. Learn everything about this ground-breaking treatment while enjoying a cup of tea. Save £100 off  your  treatment if book ed that day. Best of all: Be the lucky  winner of our Coolsculpting®raffle and earn a complimentary hour of treatment! Join us on Wednesday, 29th of […]

No pain, huge gain! #laserhairemoval

As human beings, we all know how painful it is to get rid of these nasty hair. Whether waxing or doing laser, we usually do not look forward to it. Well at Lazeo, we have found the solution: Soprano laser hair removal machine. Soprano is pain free, effective and very safe. No itching, no burning […]

Liposuction vs Coolsculpting®

Liposuction vs Coolsculpting®? For decades, liposuction was the first treatment one had in mind when it came to losing weight or getting rid of localized fat pockets. However, Coolsculpting® is now a real alternative to lipo without its down sides. Coolsculpting® is a relatively new procedure and has a drastically different approach to fat reduction: no scars, no […]

Say bye bye to holiday handles!

As we all love to celebrate properly Christmas season, we tend to put on a couple pounds. This is where Santa Lazeo comes in. We offer you an exceptional discount on the amazing treatment that is Coolsculpting® . Coolsculpting is a one and only non-invasive slimming treatment that destroys fat using controlled cooling. No Anesthesia, no […]

The truth about Cryolipolysis: Cold against Fat

Brought in England in 2011, Cryolipolysis technique is increasingly getting famous, but what do we really know about this medical practice? Do the results live up to its reputation?   What is Cryolipolysis?  Cryolipolysis’ goal is to redraw one’s silhouette by getting rid of localized fat deposits, allowing to destroy  30-40% of fat cells without damage to […]

Get ready for a Coolsculpting day !

Tired of not being able to fit in your favorite pants or favorite dress? Lazeo has the solution and it is NOT called liposuccion. On December 2nd, the Coolsculpting specialists will welcome you at Lazeo Clinic to tell you all about this fantastic slimming treatment. You will get a FREE consultation as well as 10% […]

The Genius of CoolSculpting

The ground-breaking technology behind CoolSculpting® was developed by a team of scientists from Harvard Medical School who identified that a cooling process could be used to specifically target fat bulges by literally freezing them to the point of elimination. The process is called Cryolipolysis® and ensures that ONLY fat cells are frozen. They are crystallised […]

Get Party Ready!

November has come around so quickly and there are just 53 sleeps until Christmas! If you are starting to plan your beautifying routine in preparation for the social-season, you’ll be so pleased we told you about Surface Paris, Lazeo’s very own treatment products, developed by Dr Bernard Sillam. Surface Paris is dedicated to achieving significant […]

Dracula isn’t so scary…

You may have read about this revolutionary treatment on the internet, in glossy magazines or the newspaper – it’s become pretty famous! Despite the name, Dracula Therapy™ is not scary at all, in fact this clever technique is Dr Daniel Sister’s unique version of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy which provides a much more natural […]

Coolsculpting® for Lower Face Definition

Definition of the face is a characteristic that’s been admired for centuries, pretty much since the days of ‘Beauty Queen’ Nefertiti… Clever make-up, exercise and being mindful about what you eat are all worthy ways to appear less plump around the face, plus it is now possible for Coolsculpting® to actually banish stubborn fat around […]