We often hear about antioxidants without really understanding their many benefits. We explore what they are and how they fight against premature skin aging. To learn about antioxidants, first we must fully understand oxidation. Oxidation is naturally created by our body. Oxidative factors, known as free radicals, can develop at fast rates following exposure to […]

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Pores become visible when they are blocked by impurities. This leads to blackheads and spots. Yet you only need to know how to efficiently wash your face to get ride of them. Discover your new daily beauty routine to narrow pores.        Never forget that pores are fundamental for us as they allow […]

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  5 Tips To Reach A Glowy Complexion   In winter, the complexion is often grey, dull and lackluster. Fear not, there are simple tricks and effective products that allow for a glowing complexion all year round! Here are our easy to follow tips:   Reasons for a Dull Complexion   A dull complexion is […]

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As human beings, we all know how painful it is to get rid of these nasty hair. Whether waxing or doing laser, we usually do not look forward to it. Well at Lazeo, we have found the solution: Soprano laser hair removal machine. Soprano is pain free, effective and very safe. No itching, no burning […]

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